Alavan, Victim Or A Fool

The Access Alavan

A stronger signal

I just bought a 4g antenna which is supposed to make the signal stronger when it comes to mobile phones and stuff like that. I haven't tried it out yet though, but I'm going to do it soon when I have time over. I really hope that it works. Because it happens to often that the signal just disappears. But not anymore! Now I'll have a signal wherever I go, I hope. I know of one place that I could test this out. I've never had a good connection there before anyways.

Time is close for leaving

It is relatively close until we leave now for a long vacation. It is actually a long leave you could say. My husband is retired but I am going to have leave of absence for six months. It is not really vacation because I am going to have an internet job meanwhile and study some Spanish but it is not going to be full time either so somewhat free I will be during the days. We long for it both my husband and I because we will have a change of environment and will not miss the winter that we ...